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Hula Suite at
Kihei Garden Estates
Kihei Garden Estates
Welcome to Gabriella's Wellness Massage - Dorn Spinal Therapy - Breuss Massage

The Art of Healing yourself is understanding yourself.
Your subconsciousness works well while you are not aware.

Enjoy a relaxing full body
Massage inspired by Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Learn how it can free your mind in just 1 hour.
Just lay down, relax and feel the spirituality

Wanna start your day easy and relaxed -
Or loosen up after a hot day in the sun?
Then treat yourself with a relaxing revitalizing massage
surrounded by waterfountains,
meditative music and the sounds of nature.

Let the light of the universe enter your body,
let the universal energy flow through you
and be matter what.

Learn about Reiki:
The Enlightening Life of Reiki


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