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What is Kahi Loa?

Kahi Loa is a traditional form of healing or massage that originated in Hawai’i,
where for centuries,
it was widely practised by the islands’ Master Healers.
Blending the metaphysical with the scientific approach,

Kahi Loa is much more than just a massage technique – incorporating the belief that using
the Mind and Nature harmonises and heals makes it a totally unique approach to well being.
Translated, the words mean something like
“Oneness through (the moving or flowing of) Sacred Energy”,
and refers to a state of Unity with Life in its entirety,
but the word Kahi also refers to light pressure in massage and to touch.

Kahi Loa concentrates on the skin, the body’s largest and oldest organ,
and is carried out with the recipient wearing light, natural clothing.
As the skin is an organ of elimination, the clothing allows for absorption
of any toxins that may exude from it during the session.
The remainder is released back into the blood stream for later excretion,
a process that is best supported through drinking plenty of fluids.
The skin often holds much tension, which is relieved through light pressured finger
or hand movements and on or above the body touching and stroking.
Triggering the production and release of endorphins,
the body’s own analgesic and “feel-good” chemicals,
a state of inner calm and deep relaxation is achieved quickly.

The recipient’s own healing abilities are stimulated through free flowing energy
and often a gurgling can be heard in the stomach when some kind of release has taken place.
The head to toe massage is divided into seven segments,
which are first carried out on the back and then on the front of the body,
with arms and hands always being worked on last.

Each of these segments corresponds with one of the elements related to Hawai’ian healing
and mental focus is on the recipients’ desired state of physical or emotional health,
which is affirmed prior to treatment.
During the practical applications, a journey through Nature is silently visualised
for the client and complemented by further non-verbal affirmative statements,
using the symbolic meaning of the elements.

The treatment is completed with a prayer,
asking for all energy to flow freely into the blessing and manifestation
of the client’s required changes and followed by an appropriate period of rest.

by Cornelia Biegler LCH MCMA

"If you want to see what your thoughts were like yesterday
Look at your body today
If you want to see what your body will be like tomorrow
Look at your thoughts today"

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